Motion Design

With motion design, you transform a messages into a concrete illustration



Design and production of several clip videos for Kosmozoo Records to promote new releases. I created Kosmozoo website, covers tracks and small capsules on Tik-Tok network.


Design and production of a national TV & Newspaper campaign including 4 visuals & 4 tv Clips for the National Belgian tv stations (VRT & RTBF) in creative collaboration with Christophe Terlinden.


Design and production of several clip videos for Watchtheworld website, amazing roadtrips revealed by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer. Explore the world in photos.

Movie Burning Man 2012

Black Rock City, Nevada is an ephemeral town that exists for only one week each year, during Burning Man, a radical arts festival. 

Lifetime 25.000 km road trip in South America

Movie part of a fantastic road trip in South America, from Buenos Aires to Bogota via the Galapagos and Venezuela by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer. Explore the Pan-American Highway and explore 8 countries, over 50 famous travel destinations. One man and a camera on the road.

Movie Burning Man 2012

Videography produced for the exhibition MEAT GROW at the Charcuterie Art Gallery in Brussels. Recorded in Tibet with Iphone only

Difunta Correa pilgrimage landmark

Difunta Correa pilgrimage landmark in San juan Province, Northern Argentina. The Deceased Correa (in Spanish La Difunta Correa) is a semi-pagan mythical figure in folk-religion, for which a number of people in Argentina and Chile, especially among the popular classes, feel a great devotion. 

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